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Windows 10 compatibility

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

There are currently some compatibility issues with Windows 10 and Identity Cloaker. While the standard version of Identity Cloaker does work with Windows 10, it is currently unable to “cloak” the new web browser called “Edge”. Firefox, Google Chrome and other popular web browsers are being cloaked properly still, however.

We are also investigating some OpenVPN issues. Identity Cloaker Portable does work with no problems reported. Please be assured we are working on the problems mentioned.

(The OpenVPN issues have been resolved)

At this time it may be a good idea to wait before upgrading to Windows 10 as the operating system is very new and experience based on other Microsoft products suggests it may be best to wait a few months before upgrading, to give Microsoft time to fix the most pressing bugs and give vendors time to adapt their applications.


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