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Get access to our private proxy servers, anonymous surfing through advanced SSH and VPN technology backed by 256-bit military class encryption, our own custom-coded applications and access content normally restricted or not available in your country, for only €6.67 (Six EURo and Sixty Seven Cents). You can use our currency conversion tool to see the amount in your currency.

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Identity Cloaker is compatible with MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and Apple OS X/Mac OS and you can connect to our servers directly with iPhone, iPad and any standard Android smartphone or tablet.

It will also work with Linux but some configuration may be necessary based on your Linux distro. If you have a different device, please contact our customer support for further information. The instructions can be found in your member area.

EU VAT information: Value Added Tax will be added to orders from European Union member countries, unless you are an EU VAT registered business entity and a valid EU VAT ID is provided. It is required by the EU law. Orders from the Czech Republic will have the EU VAT added even if VAT ID is provided. An EU-VAT law acceptable invoice will be available after purchase. You will see the total amount including VAT before confirming the payment.

* If you are a EU VAT registered business customer and would like to have the VAT tax deducted, please contact customer support and send us your EU VAT ID.

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