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Firefox 7 compatibility

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

It seems the Firefox developers have decided to release a major version of Firefox every month, despite the fact there are no real major differences…

Anyway, this decision caused several Firefox Extensions to become incompatible, the Identity Cloaker one including. Technically, however, there are no differences and the “fix” we had to apply in order to make our Firefox extension compatible from Firefox 7, was to change the maximum version number of compatible Firefox browser.

The previous version was set to 6.9, meaning it was not compatible with any Firefox version beyond this number. We have now set this number to 12.9, hopefully Firefox 13 will not be available for a few months…

Anyway, here is what you need to do if using Firefox:

A new, Firefox 7 compatible, version is now available in the member area for downloading. It’s also available at:


This version is compatible with Firefox 7, that is the only difference between the older release an the today’s one so if you are not using Firefox, there is no need to update. The version number of the Identity Cloaker application is the same still but the Firefox Extension number, as reported in the Firefox addons manager list, has increased from version 1.3. to 1.4.

This version will not be available via the standard update as it caused some complications in the past and it does not add any new features so it’s not necessary to upgrade for those using Firefox 3.x – 6.x still, or other web browsers only.

After the new version is installed, it should only be necessary to restart Firefox. If that does not work, please try the below process:

If upgrading from Identity Cloaker version 1.1.9 and older:

These instructions are important only if you are using Firefox:

1) Run the current/old version of Identity Cloaker

2) Click “Firefox Extension Uninstallation”

3) Restart Firefox

4) Install the new version of Identity Cloaker (you do not have to uninstall the previous one first)

5) Click “Firefox Extension Installation”

6) Restart Firefox

DE 2 server connection problems

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Today, we have been experiencing connectivity issues with our German DE 2 server. It is currently possible to connect to the DE 2 server in the non-encrypted mode only as standard SSH connections are not working. The datacenter is working on it already. I apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: The DE 2 server is working normally now.

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