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PayPal payment problems

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Some customers reported problems when trying to pay via PayPal.

Namely, when trying to renew the subscription, after being redirected to the PayPal website, the email address and password combination for PayPal is being rejected while the same combination is working perfectly when logging into the PayPal account directly.

The problem is not on our side, it’s on the PayPal’s side. I have just personally experienced the very same issue when trying to pay 2 different companies we do business with, via PayPal.

I suggest you simply try paying via PayPal at a later time, or use our merchant account bank credit card payments instead.

Unfortunately, we have experienced so many problems with PayPal recently, that this does not really surprise us any longer.

UPDATE: If you experience a similar issue, try using Google Chrome. This problem seems to be affecting mostly Firefox it seems.


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