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New Identity Cloaker versions for Windows available

Monday, May 6th, 2013

New version of the Identity Cloaker application for Windows is now available in the member area. The new version is not actually an update to old versions of Identity Cloaker (version 1.x) but rather a completely new made-from-scratch version with just a similar look.

If you are still using Identity Cloaker version 1.x, I strongly suggest you install the new Identity Cloaker version 2. However, this is not necessary so if you are happy with the old version you can keep using it still.

Identity Cloaker version 2 is no longer “portable”, which means it needs to be installed on the PC. For this reason we now offer also another/alternative version, called “Identity Cloaker Portable”.

Download link for both versions is available in the member area. An email with details on the improvements in both Identity Cloaker 2 and Identity Cloaker Portable compared to Identity Cloaker 1.x will be sent in the next few days.


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