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Do *NOT* download Identity Cloaker at download.com

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Although it’s truly unbelieveable to us, download.com – a part of the CNET.com network, and one of the largest software download repositories, is distributing malware infected versions of different applications found in their repository. Not only they are distributing malware, they are the ones who actually adds it to the files you download!

Unfortunately, the Identity Cloaker installer found in their repository is currently not an exception. Do *NOT* download Identity Cloaker at download.com, download it from our website directly.

The whole story is described at http://insecure.org/news/download-com-fiasco.html

If you downloaded Identity Cloaker, or any other application, at download.com in the past few months, tell them what you think about this practice…

UPDATE – The CNET’s installer was removed from the Identity Cloaker file listed at download.com, which means the download is clean again. Still, we suggest you download Identity Cloaker from our website only as in our eyes CNET has lost its good reputation.

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