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About Identity Cloaker

A few words about me:

My name is Tomas France and I am the owner of IdentityCloaker.com. I am 30 years old and live in Prague, Czech Republic. I have long experience from the IT industry and am currently focusing mostly on the everyday Internet security and privacy protection. And I also do IT consultations. I realize that in the IT or Internet security industry trust is the #1 factor that determines the success or failure of any business. Hopefully, this blog will help to build such trust. Later I will also add a photo here, I promise 🙂

What is Identity Cloaker?

Identity Cloaker could be defined as “Internet Privacy Protection Service”. It protects your privacy by encrypting the data sent over the Internet in the most vulnerable part of the data transmission path and by hiding your IP address.

It does way more than that though. In short, it’s a very unique service that could be described as a *much* better alternative to surfing through web proxies, “anonymous” proxy servers (both free and paid proxy servers). Honestly, I don’t even consider those “alternatives” at all… It’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t need you to change your web surfing habits.

Identity Cloaker helps you fight the 21st century scourge called Internet or online censorship and the omnipresent electronic surveillance. No more data eavesdropping, no more government censorship, no more Big Brother!

Why did I create Identity Cloaker?

Simple answer: It was needed! I have always believed there has been demand for a product/service such as Identity Cloaker. I have tried remotely similar services in the past but was not satisfied with their quality, and the level of privacy or anonymity protection most of them offered was simply laughable. Not to mention they were too hard to use most of the time.

My wish, my goal and my desire has been to offer everyone in the world connected to the Internet, the opportunity to say what they want, to freely express their opinions, and to do what they want on the Internet, without fear of being prosecuted for their political stands and for reading, downloading or watching content considered inappropriate by their censorship-loving governments and Internet Service Providers.

Internet censorship is a scourge, it’s an invisible plague. It’s a widespread problem already and it’s becoming even bigger. Many people still believe it’s a phenomenom isolated to countries such as China or Iran but they are wrong! The trends show that online censorship is being quickly adopted even by many countries in the western world – and not only them.

Despite that in some rare situations it may make sense to filter the Internet, I believe that if censorship is left in the hands of governments and Internet Service Providers, it will lead to a disaster. Who is to decide what is appropriate and what is not? Who should tell us what is “good” for us? Who should have such powers?

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