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Fixed version of Identity Cloaker available

Earlier Today some customers reported a problem when launching their Identity Cloaker application on Windows PCs. “Invalid CRL” error message appeared during the launch. We have been able to fix the bug and a new version of Identity Cloaker is now available in the member area.

You can also use this download link directly:


The new version number is 2.0.47 . While this bug does not seem to affect every user, we suggest you update to the newest version anyway.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please also note that this issue does not affect Identity Cloaker Portable or Identity Cloaker for OS X.

UPDATE: It seems the OS X version is affected as well, although with a different error message. We are investigating the issue already, please bear with us in the meanwhile. The OS X version is now working again. If you still get “Connection to main server failed” error with your OS X version, please contact our helpdesk. Also, make sure you are using this latest OS X version:




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