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New OS X version almost ready

The promised new OS X version has been somewhat delayed due to reliability issues with some OS X versions and the encrypted mode. However, we believe to be able to resolve these two issues relatively easily. I apologize for the delay, I am sure you will be pleased with the end product.


3 Responses to “New OS X version almost ready”

  1. jal_antiusura Says:

    @IdentityCloaker Thank you Tomas

  2. AusterityHeros Says:

    @IdentityCloaker Hey Tomas, may I ask if OpenVPN functions automatically with torrent traffic? I’m in North Korea, need to share Linux.

  3. admin Says:

    AusterityHeros: Yes, once you connect via OpenVPN, or another VPN system in general (for example “L2TP over IPSec”), all new Internet connections go through the VPN automatically.

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