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US6 server OpenVPN access disabled

OpenVPN on our US6 server has been disabled temporarily, due to a recent BitTorrent abuse incident. Please use the US4 server.

Also, I have mentioned it many times before and apparently I have to say it again:

Do *NOT use any of our US located servers for downloading any copyrighted material using BitTorrents (and not only)!

The copyright holding companies place fake “bait” on the BT network and when you download this bait, they record the IP address. Since if you are connected via our VPN, it is our IP address that shows in their logs.

They then contact our webhost, who forwards the abuse incident to us. This technically leaves me having to deal with the mess. Just do not do it. Anyone found downloading any copyrighted material via Bittorrent using our US servers will be expelled from our servers.


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