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Main server outage

December 9th, 2016

Earlier Today, our main server experienced technical issues and was unreachable for over 3 hours. Individual VPN and proxy servers were not affected. We were able to restore the service and everything is running again now.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I also suggest everyone to bookmark our Twitter page, the page name is “IdentityCloaker”:

Google IP geolocation problem

September 4th, 2016

Some of our customers reported a rather strange issue. When connected via some of our IP addresses, google.com redirects to a local United Arab Emirates version of Google.com.

The problem is not on our side but on Google’s, our IPs are properly registered and the correct information will show in services such as Maxmind, SpeedTest.net as well as in the official databases.

Unfortunately, as the problem is on the Google side, we have only limited ways to fix it. We will be discussing this issue with them but at this time there are no guarantees they will do anything about it. After all, it’s Google…


PayPal payment problems

July 22nd, 2016

Some customers reported problems when trying to pay via PayPal.

Namely, when trying to renew the subscription, after being redirected to the PayPal website, the email address and password combination for PayPal is being rejected while the same combination is working perfectly when logging into the PayPal account directly.

The problem is not on our side, it’s on the PayPal’s side. I have just personally experienced the very same issue when trying to pay 2 different companies we do business with, via PayPal.

I suggest you simply try paying via PayPal at a later time, or use our merchant account bank credit card payments instead.

Unfortunately, we have experienced so many problems with PayPal recently, that this does not really surprise us any longer.

UPDATE: If you experience a similar issue, try using Google Chrome. This problem seems to be affecting mostly Firefox it seems.


US video streaming services update

June 29th, 2016

In the recent past, we have been notified about the inability of Identity Cloaker to access some video streaming services. We do not want to name the website(s) directly, however, I am pleased to announce the access should be now possible again.

The new setup we use is still considered a test/pre-release, however, we are already getting mostly positive feedback from our users.

For Windows and Mac users there is no need to change the way you use Identity Cloaker to access these service(s) again. Just connect via any of our US located proxy servers and it should work as before.

At this point the access is possible only through the proxy servers and not via VPN though. Please try it and discuss any problems with our helpdesk

Recent Windows Update issues

May 22nd, 2016

We have been informed about a problem with one of the recent Windows Updates, which causes technical issues with Identity Cloaker version 2. At this time there is only limited information about the problem available.

Symptoms: During the launch process of the application, the application fails to start with error message “Remote procedure call failed”.

The crash, however, seems to happen randomly and may be difficult to replicate. Additionally, connecting to servers may take longer than usual and the IP address may not be changed the first time you connect.

Solution: If you experience the above mentioned problems, we strongly suggest you download and install Identity Cloaker Portable instead.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on a fix as we speak.



We have been able to find the culprit – it is Microsoft Security Essentials. Once the real time protection is disabled, Identity Cloaker version 2 starts working properly again. However, disabling Microsoft Security Essentials is, of course, not advised. We will be communicating with Microsoft and I will update this blog post once we have more information.


We are currently communicating with Microsoft.

A perhaps imperfect but functional solution:

In the MS Security Essentials, add an “exception” for the whole Identity Cloaker application folder. Please see this Microsoft howto and in the “File Locations” field enter “C:\Program Files (x86)\Identity Cloaker” (without quotes), click Add and Save Changes.

We will also have an update for Identity Cloaker that will automate this process, later Today.


New server locations

April 17th, 2016

I have not updated this blog for a while. Just wanted to let you know we recently added a server in Singapore and another server in the UK (Maidenhead). We will be also adding servers in Hong Kong and two more servers in the US – in Chicago and Los Angeles, hopefully before the end of this month.

As always, if you would like us to add a server at new locations, please contact our customer support and it will be considered.


Windows 10 compatibility – UPDATE

December 16th, 2015

Both Identity Cloaker and Identity Cloaker Portable now work with Windows 10 normally, including its built-in OpenVPN functionality. The only exception is still the new EDGE web browser – it cannot be cloaked when using the standard Identity Cloaker application, the Portable version, however, does cloak it.

The EDGE problem is being worked on but requires a significant change in the code of the Identity Cloaker application. All other web browsers work with Identity Cloaker without any reported issues.


Problem with Hotmail and Verizon emails

October 22nd, 2015

Dear customers,

We have been informed about problems with delivering emails to hotmail.com, hotmail.co.uk and outlook.com email addresses. Our emails are often sent to the spam/junk folders. Please check your junk folder and ideally, inform Microsoft they should not block our emails.

We are currently also experiencing problems with the Verizon email accounts. Unfortunately, those are blocked completely so you will not receive our emails at all.

We have already contacted Verizon but they refuse to unblock our SMTP email server, sending back canned responses stating nonsense reasons for the blacklisting.

Please check your email address in your account profile to a different one if possible.

We apologize for the complications. Unfortunately, many email providers believe in aggressive spam blocking that often results in blocking many non-spam emails.

If you do not receive your welcome email with account credentials or other emails you expect from us, please contact support@identitycloaker.com as soon as possible.


P.S. While we have some privacy concerns about Gmail email in general, they have proven to be very reliable compared to, for example, the above mentioned Hotmail/Outlook.com accounts.


UPDATE: The email problem should be resolved now, we switched to a different email server and emails should be now delivered reliably again.


Seven years in business!

September 4th, 2015

Just a quick note Today.

Seven years ago, on 4th September 2008, Identity Cloaker was launched to public, after 18 months of development. It has been great experience for everyone involved and I am looking forward to serve our customers many more years 🙂


Windows 10 compatibility

August 1st, 2015

There are currently some compatibility issues with Windows 10 and Identity Cloaker. While the standard version of Identity Cloaker does work with Windows 10, it is currently unable to “cloak” the new web browser called “Edge”. Firefox, Google Chrome and other popular web browsers are being cloaked properly still, however.

We are also investigating some OpenVPN issues. Identity Cloaker Portable does work with no problems reported. Please be assured we are working on the problems mentioned.

(The OpenVPN issues have been resolved)

At this time it may be a good idea to wait before upgrading to Windows 10 as the operating system is very new and experience based on other Microsoft products suggests it may be best to wait a few months before upgrading, to give Microsoft time to fix the most pressing bugs and give vendors time to adapt their applications.


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